Submission or Subservience?

Biblical submission is not unquestioned obedience. Biblical submission is best described as mutual cooperation and team work (Hypotassō). Church hierarchies emerged from Roman militancy. Elders managed the first Churches, they shared responsibility, there was no senior pastor. The early Church had a common Spirit, not a common vision because they lived by The Spirit.[2] The … Continue reading Submission or Subservience?


Should I Tithe Yes or No? less words.

Should we tithe? The answer is Yes and no it depends - but we do not have to. This is why: When Israel settled the Promised Land, 11 tribes received an inheritance not all 12. The tribe of Levi (Priests and Levites), never received an inheritance because God was their inheritance. The Levites served in … Continue reading Should I Tithe Yes or No? less words.