Evolution or Creation? – Less words.

Can you believe in evolution and be a Christian? Of course you can, it’s actually quite easy.   The conflict between evolution and creation resulted in three types of people – Evolutionists, Creationists and much confusion in-between. To cut the confusion, we must first understand that people read the book of Genesis differently. Those blessed … Continue reading Evolution or Creation? – Less words.


Teachings and trends that limit Christians and Christianity.

  Below is a non-exhaustive copy-and-paste list of teachings and trends that distract the Church from making disciples of nations. Anti-Intellectualism – emphasizes rhetoric (persuasive speaking) rather than intellectual substance. Instructing congregations what to think rather than how to think. Discourages intellectual pursuit and accountability. Antinomianism – Anti-Law as a means to avoid accountability and … Continue reading Teachings and trends that limit Christians and Christianity.