You might be a dispensationalist and not know it.

Dispensationalism is very common in both Evangelical and Pentecostal churches. But what is it and is it a problem? Read more to find out. Dispensationalists believe that God will rapture the Church before the great tribulation. They believe that Jesus will return twice, once for His Church and again with His Church. They believe Bible … Continue reading You might be a dispensationalist and not know it.


Submission or Subservience?

Biblical submission is not unquestioned obedience. Biblical submission is best described as mutual cooperation and team work (Hypotassō). Church hierarchies emerged from Roman militancy. Elders managed the first Churches, they shared responsibility, there was no senior pastor. The early Church had a common Spirit, not a common vision because they lived by The Spirit.[2] The … Continue reading Submission or Subservience?

Evolution or Creation? – Less words.

Can you believe in evolution and be a Christian? Of course you can, it’s actually quite easy.   The conflict between evolution and creation resulted in three types of people – Evolutionists, Creationists and much confusion in-between. To cut the confusion, we must first understand that people read the book of Genesis differently. Those blessed … Continue reading Evolution or Creation? – Less words.

Response to Dispensationalist response.

Someone I know sent the post teachings and trends that limit Christians and Christianity to the Joy magazine in South Africa. The magazine kindly printed it. The following point precipitated a response from a dear sister in Christ. Dispensationalism – divides the bible into 7 arbitrary dispensations. Fatalists that believe they qualify for an additional … Continue reading Response to Dispensationalist response.

Creation or evolution? lots of words.

Lets be honest. It's not about creation vs evolution. The real issue is whether God exists or not? If you are looking for God. This is probably the worst place to start, because many creationists believe in evolution and many evolutionists believe in creation. In fact many agnostics (no faith), even atheists acknowledge intelligent design. … Continue reading Creation or evolution? lots of words.