Apology to Evolutionists.

Dear evolutionist friend.

Please forgive us for alienating you and pushing you away from God. I am happy to tell you that many Christians believe in evolution. They even have a name; they are called Theistic Evolutionists.

Like evolutionists, Creationists are divided about how the universe was made. There are three main groups (with sub-divisions).

  1. Theistic evolutionists. Christians who believe in an old universe where God used evolution as part of His process.
  2. Old earth creationists. Christians who believe creation took millions of years, with some uncertainty about evolution.
  3. Young earth creationists. Christians who believe everything was created in the last 10 000 years.
  4. There’s a fourth group that acknowledge intelligent design. This group consists of both Christians and non Christians.

Despite perceptions that all Christians are anti-evolutionary 6-day-creationists; only 7 – 15%  are ‘hard core’ young earth creationists. The rest are uncertain or undecided.

The truth is that 76% of Christians do not think that evolution is a big deal while 50% of non-Christians do. This does not mean that 76% of Christianity is complacent. It means they focus on the Creator rather than the mechanics of creation.

The reality is that for 5 out of 10 non-believers, evolution is a gate-keeper preventing them from believing. Someone once told me that they could not become a Christian because they believed in evolution.

Regardless of what you believe, if your belief becomes a stumbling block, and people are not inclined to become Christians as they are seen as “…bigoted fundamentalists.” Think about the fruit of your position in this way: “He who is not with Me is against Me, and he who does not gather with Me scatters abroad.” Mat.12:30.

So, to my evolutionist friends; Christianity and evolution are not mutually exclusive (one or the other). The fuss is not with Christianity as a whole, but about how certain Christians read the bible. Fortunately the bible itself tells us that evidence outweighs opinion.

Science gives us the facts and the Bible gives us the truth, people however interpret the facts and the truth. Which of these three has the highest probability of error? Science, Bible or people?

God gave us and respects our freedom of choice. Even our freedom to choose badly. It is the work of the Church to present God in a way that enables people to choose or reject Him. My hope is that you will choose Lord Jesus, He believes in you.


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