Why God likes Science – even Scientists.

Science is no threat to Christianity. Science is biblical.

The bible tells us that a fact is only a fact when two or three credible witnesses agree.

So does Science. Science looks for trends in data (witnesses), the bigger the sample the more credible.


Science gives the facts, the Bible gives the Truth. People however, interpret the facts and the truth.

We should therefore base our theory on our data, not our data on our theory. Likewise we should base our faith on the bible, not the bible on our faith.


Why God likes Science.

God likes science because it’s highly accountable; it seeks the truth and observes His creation. Science also adds value to the human race. Because of science we live longer, communicate better and constantly improve.

Lord Jesus said that He came to give life and life in abundance. He and Science seem to agree in this respect.


Science is younger than the bible.

Many people think that Science and the bible do not mix. The scientific method as we know it is much younger than the bible (13th – 16th century). It’s a mistake to assume that the people who wrote the bible thought scientifically.

If we met someone from 2000 years ago, I am confident that we would seem alien to each other. What they considered normal would probably baffle, even horrify us and vice versa.

When the bible was written, logic as we know it did not exist. Bible accuracy is not contemporary accuracy.

For instance, when Genesis was written, people did not know what a star was. They used block logic not step logic. Hebrew is a concrete language not an abstract language. Abstracts are expressed metaphorically. For example, large numbers are expressed as ‘grains of sand’ or ‘stars in the heavens’. Early scripture is accurate, just differently accurate.

It’s up to us to understand the writer.


You could be a scientist without knowing it.

Science is not a lab filled with bubbling test tubes. This is a stereotype. Business science, food science, actuarial science and so on are science. Figuring out your budget is a kind of science; you look at the information and make observations (normally depressing observations).

Similarly scientists of all fields measure stuff and make observations.


Note: It may be hypocritical to accept science when it suits us and reject it when it doesn’t. For example, some people dispute radiometric dating (like carbon dating). However, they believe doctors who use the same technology to diagnose illnesses.

Contrary to popular belief, science does not worship logic like the Star Trek Vulcan’s. Logic is a great tool, however most science is based on Inductive reasoning. Inductive reasoning allows for error and flexibility.

Good science does not seek to be right, it seeks data. It equally needs to know what does-not work as much as what does. For instance, some drugs are poisonous, some are beneficial. Science simply tells us the difference. What we do with the data is up to us, not science.


How does science work?

Good science must be measurable and repeatable. It’s like baking a cake.


This is kind of how the Scientific method works.

First we have a Problem = I want chocolate cake.

Hypothesis – if I use chocolate and cake, will I get chocolate-cake?

Methods and materials – what sample size? (the more the better), what temperatures, which ingredients, what are my mixing and baking times. Note to self – add extra chocolate for tasting.

Control – regular chocolate cake with cocoa.

Conduct experiment – keep accurate records and protect chocolate from other scientists.

Collect and analyse results – this is a big topic filled with weird Greek letters and terms like regression analysis and statistical testing etc.

Submit results to other cake baking experts. This is called the peer review system.

If accepted – publish results. Publish results in a Journal not only on a website or YouTube.


Once again, God likes science because researchers’ use many samples (witnesses). The peer review system accounts to ‘many counselors.’ Once the findings are published they are further subject to public scrutiny and testing.

“The more I study science, the more I believe in God” Albert Einstein.

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